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Comparison of different Vapor Recovery Systems

A quick glances at the various difference between Refrigeration, Absorption and Adsorption methods of recovery systems from volatile organic (VOC) streams.

Application Higher concentration For low concentration-05% For low concentration-0.5%
Process Condensation Separation and condensation Separation and condensation
Operational Temp. Very low temp. Room and above Room and above
Pressure drop Very low Low High
Vacuum Not required Required Required
Operations Fully automatic/continuous Full automatic/continuous Automatic Batch process
Maintenance Low maintenance Low maintenance High maintenance
Power cost Power used when required Continuous power even no load Continuous power even at no load
Installation cost Very Low Low Large
Concentration measurement Not required Required for outlet gas Required for outlet gas
Space required Smallest Small Large
Steam Note required Required Required
Inert gas Not required Special circumstances Required for safe operations
Carbon replacement Not required Not required Required periodic replacement
Solvent replacement Not required Required Not required
Safety Intrinsically safe Safe Precautions required

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