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VOC Recovery System

VOC recovery from low concentration vapour streams.

Keeping with the idea that chemical industries can be environment friendly and yet be able to deliver profitability through process innovation and optimum resource utilisation, CCDC has developed a VOC recovery system.

This method was developed by CCDC (with technical input from Clariant, Germany) for vapor streams having concentration of less than 10%. In ususal methods (including carbon bed adsorbtion), recovering solvents from such low concentration streams are virtually impossible without them being economically unviable.

Our VOC recovery systems using abosrbtion principles for such low concentration vapor recovery, where recovery of solvent can be designed from 95% to 99.9%.The economics of such a technology is dependent on the vapor stream composition as well desired percentage recovery.

The VOC recovery system can be used to recover recovery and removal of SO2, H2S, Mercaptans, Oil field VRU, Production of CNG from biogas, Flue gas desulphurization, Clause tail gas treatment. It can also be used as an extractive system for breaking of azeotropes such as Ethyl alcohol - water, Isopropyl alcohol - water, Toluene-methanol - water, Ethanol - Ethyl Acetate - Water.

For more information on our VOC recovery system contact ccdc@ccdcindia.com

Examples of Recoverable Vapours

  1. Acetone
  2. Dioxalane
  3. Dioxane
  4. MIBK
  5. Cyclohexane
  6. Gasoline
  7. Hexane
  8. Heptane
  9. Mineral spirits
  10. Acrylic acid
  11. Acrylonitrile
  12. Methyl chloroform
  13. Ethyl acetate
  14. Isopropyl acetate
  15. Petroleum solvents
  16. Tetrahydrofuran
  17. MEK
  18. Benzene
  19. Toluene
  20. Xylene
  21. Methanol
  22. Ethanol
  23. Isopropanol
  24. N-butanol
  25. Iso butanol
  26. VCM
  27. Diethyl ether
  28. Methylene chloride
  29. Perchlorethylene
  30. Vinyl acetate
  31. Carbon disulphide
  32. Acetonitrile
  33. Ethyl Cellosolve
  34. Ethylene dichloride
  35. Sulphur Dioxide
  36. Hydrogen sulphide
  37. Acetic acid
  38. isobutylene
  39. Methy lodide
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