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Projects & Reports

A few of the projects and reports that we have done over the past three decades. By no means a complete list. What it demonstrates is the length and breadth of experience and capabilites that CCDC has in the chemical and process engineering field.

Projects - Technology Development / Basic and Detailed engineering / Commissioning and Handover

  • Vent mapping of emission points in acetaldehyde, crotonaldehyde, and ethyl acetate plants quantitative assessment.
  • Gas emission control and recovery from Phthalocyanine pigment plant - producing 12 tons ammonium sulphate per day.
  • Sulphur dioxide recovery from Clause process flue gases - 20,000 M3/hr, 1.5% SO2. Rs 20 crores.
  • Recovery and recycle of acrylonitrile from process vents. - ongoing
  • Carbon disulphide recovery from rayon plant effluent gases 45,000 M3/hr - 2 nos Rs 40 crores each
  • Carbon disulphide recovery from rayon plant effluent gases - 30,000 M3/hr
  • VOC Hexane recovery from vent gases
  • Recovery of VOC methanol - methanol from plant effluent gases - multiple vents..
  • Providing process design, engineering support to Clariant, Germany, for their proprietary solvent (Genosorb) recovery system. Multiclient
  • Fugitive emission control in sulphuric plant and chromium chemical plant
  • Carbon Tetrachloride (CTC) phase out - consultant to GIZ an organization of German Govt. - methodology of substitution, alternate formulations and resource person.
  • Design, fabrication and commissioning of plants to supply dust free air - 40,000-120,000 M3/hr - 3 nos
  • Design of plant for removal and recovery of lead dust from glass furnace flue gases.
  • Complete project for the manufacture of nitric acid and sodium nitrate, grass root plant, Including design, construction and commissioning.
  • Complete project for the manufacture of sodium nitrite. Product to by-product ratio 10:1
  • Effluent pollution control scheme for a large electroplating unit.
  • Phenol - formaldehyde resin automated resin plant
  • Optimizing SBR production
  • Revamp and capacity increase of Metaphenoxy Benzaldehyde(MPBA) from 90 tons to 150 tons,.
  • Revamp of Cypermethric acid chloride (CMAC) plant - productivity increase and capacity augmentation from 25 tons to 100 tons
  • Manufacture of CMAC, increasing capacity from 5 tons to 12 tons per month.
  • Ammonia recovery from effluent stream, 200 tons per month.
  • Revamping of sulphuric acid plant and chlorosulphonic acid plant.
  • Development and commercialization of the process to manufacture Strontium chemicals from Indian ores. A total of 16 (barium free) strontium chemicals.
  • Plant for the manufacture of potassium nitrate.
  • Process improvements to antidiabetic drug plant, solvent recovery, etc.
  • Refined free flow iodized salt projects - 7500 TPY, 30,000 TPY - Concept to commissioning.
  • Manufacture of neem based natural pesticide, stable 25% azadirachtin - basic engineering - project cost Rs 18 crores.
  • Setting up of Precipitated Calcium carbonate project 10,000 TPA- concept to commissioning.
  • Revamping, modernization of facilities for synthetic resin production.
  • Valuation of plant and machinery, advise on pollution control, improvements etc. for formaldehyde plant.
  • Revamping, modernization, of formaldehyde plant, operating capacity increased from 65 tons/day to 100 tons/day.
  • Revamping of formaldehyde plant -20 TPD to 35 TPD
  • Concentrated nitric acid plant technical evaluation of offers negotiations and finalising of contract, planning of off sites utilities lay out etc
  • Improvement in quality of Turkey red oil and cost reduction.
  • Energy conservation studies and reduction in fuel consumption by 90 %.
  • Design of equipment for the extraction of wheat germ oil.
  • Conversion from lab. scale to commercial scale, process to manufacture gallic acid from gall nuts.
  • Process to manufacture Barium Nitrate to military specification.
  • Revamping of bromine plant.- bromine from sea bitterns - (2)
  • Manufacture of phenolic brake lining resin - Know how and documentation.
  • Development and commercialization of process for manf. of Potassium Nitrate to defence specifications.
  • Design, development of prototype dhall (lentil) dryer.
  • Manufacture of free flowing iodised salt
  • Manufacture of Nitric acid
  • Manufacture of Strontium Chemicals

Industrial Reports

  • Coal gasification - with East China University of Science and Technology who have commissioned more than 15 gasification plants.
  • Energy recovery from high temp. gases from furnaces and use in other in house processes. Potential savings - 340 tons LPG per year.The possibility of zero gaseous pollutant discharge. A step beyond combined heat and power more efficient use of unconventional energy resources
  • The saving of lake Qaroun Egypt -reducing the salinity of lake -Technical and economic feasibility study for establishing a project for extraction of salts and manufacture of added value products - Project Cost $500 million.
  • Phosgene chemistry -survey of information
  • Phosphorus based flame retardants - A report
  • Production of pure hydrogen from methanol reforming gases - feasibility
  • Safety study - production of aryl isocyanates
  • Review of Environment Impact Assessment for MDI project, pig iron project.
  • Report on safety and hazards in hydrofluoric acid manufacture.
  • Associated with safety audit of Caustic soda, chlorine plant
  • Safety audit of VCM, PVC, and chloromethane facilities
  • Safety audit of Distillery
  • Concept report on production of chemicals from salt bitterns.
  • Project report for production of acetic acid from alcohol
  • A Comprehensive report on engineering plastics inluding Polycarbonate, PBT, Nylon, ABS, Polyacetal, Polyurethane, and Polyesters. Approx. 300 pages.
  • Preliminary report on the extraction of azadirachtins from neem seed
  • The feasibility of provision of feed stock from natural gas for vinyl chloride monomer - co-production of power and acetylene feed stock.
  • Feasibility report for 1000 tons per day natural gas based methanol plant
  • Feasibility report on alcohol based chemicals.
  • Manufacture of phenolic resins - project report.
  • Electrical insulating varnishes market survey, preliminary feasibility report, identification of foreign licensor.
  • Preliminary feasibility report for the manufacture of malic acid, IMI process based phosphoric acid plant
  • Evaluation of plant capacities Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation.
  • Project report on the manufacture of dioctyl phthalate.
  • Feasibility report on the manufacture of high fructose syrup.
  • Report on the manufacture of precipitated silica
  • Barytes and barium chemicals - a feasibility report for a plant of 12,000 tons capacity including mining.
  • A report on the operation of barium carbonate plant.
  • Report on the kiln operations and modification to the process of sodium bichromate.
  • Detailed project report for the manufacture of oxalic acid and diethyl Oxalate.(2)
  • Report on sodium sulphate recovery from rayon spin bath liquor.
  • Number of reports on patents on bulk drugs such as diclofenac, flurbiprofen, nimotop, lisinopril, copper phthalocyanine, red phosphorus, paraformaldehyde, etc. Numerous literature surveys pertaining to pharmacological and medical effects of a large number of drugs.
  • Accident investigation
  • The Bhopal Episode and its Implications- an on the spot survey and release of report within 20 days of the disaster. Basic findings are same is in official report.
  • Investigation into an accident involving death of three workers in a alcohol distillery.
  • Manufacture of fenvelarate, cypermethrin, carbendzim - engineering, safety and hazop report.
  • Report on accidental deaths in a Ibuprufen plant.
  • Investigation into an explosion in phthalic anhydride reactor and evaluation of residual catalyst life
  • Investigation of explosion in Nutsche filter - death of operator
  • Feasibility study - Calcium Cynamide and Dicyandiamide
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