CCDC has developed a VOC recovery system based on absorption technology for recovery of VOC from very low concentration VOC streams, based on Polyethylene Glycol absorbants of Clariant,AG, Germany.
  • recovery and removal of SO2, H2S, Mercaptans, etc.
  • Oil field VRU
  • Production of CNG from biogas
  • Flue gas desulphurization
  • Clause tail gas treatment
  • Breaking Azeotropes
CCDC is also the global engineering partner for Clariant, AG, Germany for their VOC recovery systems.(Click here for Details)

Commercial, Chemical and Development Company is a hardcore chemical engineering consultancy company.

Core services include process design and implementation, detailed engineering, instrumentaion, technology evaluation, environmental engineering and turn key projects.

The company for the past 15 years is known for providing knowledge based solutions for the Chemical and allied industries. Innovation is part of the chemical engineering field, the success lies in collaborating innovation with principles of chemical engineering. CCDC excells in doing just that.

The company is headed by Dr. Mohunta who has 35 years of experience in the Chemical industry.